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Spotless Solar, Peak Performance

At TKO Builders, LLC, we specialize in keeping your solar panels at peak efficiency with our expert solar panel cleaning services. Dirt, debris, and grime can significantly reduce your solar system’s productivity, but we’re here to prevent that. Utilizing Glass Gleam Solar, a biodegradable solution safe for both your roof and garden, we ensure a thorough clean that respects your property and the environment. Our water filtration system removes contaminants from the cleaning water, and our low-pressure, water-fed brushes protect your panels. We don’t just clean; we inspect your system’s wiring, framing, and base, offering a comprehensive maintenance check. Plus, our critter guard installation prevents animals from nesting under your panels, protecting your investment. Trust us to maintain your solar panels and keep them functioning at their best.

Keep Your Panels Pristine with Our Solar Panel Cleaning Service in Warwick, RI

The frustration of underperforming solar panels can be overwhelming, impacting both your wallet and your contribution to a greener planet. In Warwick, RI, TKO Builders, LLC steps in as your professional ally, addressing these challenges with our specialized solar panel cleaning service. Dirt and grime can obscure your panels, but our biodegradable Glass Gleam Solar solution and meticulous cleaning methods restore their efficiency. We go beyond cleaning; with a full maintenance check including wiring and framing inspection, we ensure your system operates flawlessly. Embrace the relief and satisfaction of optimized solar performance, knowing that with us, your clean energy source is in expert hands.

worker cleaning a solar panel

Clarity for Your Clean Energy

Clean solar panels are the key to maintaining energy efficiency and optimizing your investment. Our meticulous cleaning process, coupled with a thorough system check, ensures every panel reflects our commitment to quality and sustainability. We use specialized tools and solutions designed specifically for solar panels, safeguarding their integrity while enhancing performance. This detailed care extends the life of your panels, ensuring they continue to provide clean, efficient energy to your home or business.

Elevating Energy Efficiency

In Warwick, RI, TKO Builders, LLC is dedicated to enhancing the performance of your solar panels. Our expert cleaning service not only boosts your system’s productivity but also extends its lifespan, ensuring your clean energy journey is as efficient and effective as possible. With our specialized maintenance and cleaning, we’re here to ensure your solar investment pays off, both environmentally and financially.

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Optimize your solar efficiency without financial worry through our Hearth financing. Rest easy knowing each service is underpinned by a 15-year craftsmanship warranty, with the added assurance of CertainTeed’s lifetime warranty on roofing shingles for comprehensive coverage.